What about you?
Are you like most teachers across our nation facing surmounting pressures; New Common Core Standards (NCCS), Smarter Balanced Assessments, and teacher evaluations linked to standardized test performance? Are budget cuts depleting your districts funds to purchase new curriculum, leaving teachers with outdated materials loosely aligned to the new standards? Do you have ballooning class sizes, fewer instructional days, growing numbers of at-risk students, and dwindling instructional support?
Don’t fret, rather take this step towards transforming your classroom into the following reality: Students are more motivated to learn the New Common Core Math Standards than you are to teach them!
Student’s independently set goals and work towards mastery of the NCCS at their own ability level and pace.
Students demonstrate learning and mastery of the NCCS on formative and standardized math assessments.
At-risk up through TAG level students are fully engaged, inspired and outperforming expectations!
is NOT another course full of theory-without-action or endless protocols. MathKwonDo is an evidence-based learning system developed in the trenches, for teachers in the trenches! This program is currently available for third grade teachers of math. MathKwonDo